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Minors Lose Their License in California when Caught Driving with Any Alcohol on Their Breath

If you are under 21 years old at the time of the incident and convicted of any alcohol or drug related crime, you will lose your license for a period of one (1) year (assuming it is a first offense).

The DMV calls this a “Zero Tolerance Case”. This means that if the DMV can prove you were driving with a blood or breath concentration of alcohol at .01 or greater, you will lose your license for one (1) year.

In order for you be able to drive, the judge and the DMV need to find that you qualify for a Critical Needs License. This type of license is only valid:

1. To and From Work (if you have a job),

2. During the course of scope of your employment,

3. To and From School (if you go to school), and

4. To and From the DUI Classes.

Your attorney needs to get your Criminal Case reduced to a simple Reckless Driving (NOT a Wet Reckless) and win the DMV Hearing in order for you to keep your license. For more information contact a good DUI Lawyer if your case is in the Aptos or Capitola area.