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1st – Facing the DUI Charge

When people face DUI charges they are usually very anxious about it. Apart from the possibility of losing their license, potentially going to jail, and suffering the magnitude of legal consequences of the charge, the bigger part of all the anixety is the embarrassment that someone may face coming from family and friends. But you know what, if you have been charged with a DUI, yes you may have messed up but does that make you a criminal? Not exactly so fight for your rights.

210977249_da533e62a4 The first thing that you need to do is to get the advice of a good attorney that lives in the area and practices in the local courts – NOTICE I DID NOT SAY HIRE, you may not need to hire one, but YOU DO NEED THE ADVICE of someone with real knowledge who will fight for your case if that is what is needed. There are a lot of factors that are involved on the case and depending on the facts – you may or may not need to hire one. At this office we only have experience local attorneys – not ones that are from out of the area and may or may not make the court appearance, but ones that live and work here and this is their office.


When you are facing charges such as driving under the influence, the best and first thing that you should do is seek the advice of an Aptos DUI lawyer near you. You know how dire the consequences of such an event is right? And this is also the reason why you need someone with the right set of skills to get you out of the mess that you have gotten yourself into.

What you should know is that driving under the influence is a serious offense.

Our experience in with DUI charges is that most people think of it as a light crime. After all, what does drinking under the influence have against say, kidnapping someone or maybe killing another right? But the thing is, if you are caught driving under the influence, you will face jail time if you do not take your case in the proper manner.

Ever heard of driving under the influence attorneys? Well in case you have been unlucky enough to be caught drinking and driving (whether guilty of a DUI or nought), and you have been caught in the act, what you need now is one good lawyer to stay by your side to arrange your case and make the necessary decisions and moves for you. You obviously cannot take this by yourself so the best thing you can do to help yourself is get a good lawyer, and one that cares.

The charge is a serious offense. You may not take it for what it really is, but really the main thing that can make it worse than getting charged is to be misrepresented in court.

Truth is, there are ways on how you can fight for your case that will still give you an outcome that will provide you relief. How will that happen? The first thing that you have to do is to hire the right attorney to take your case. This is something that you cannot do without and probably the one thing that you should never take for granted. Do not settle for just anyone. Find someone who feel comfortable with, is honest with you and will provide the defense for the outcome you are looking for.

Saving Your Driver’s License

If you want to keep your license intact after being arrested for a DUI case around the Aptos or Capitola area do NOT waste anymore of your time and get the help that you need fast. If you think by putting off getting an attorney and doing it yourself, please think again, long and hard this time.

You know, when it comes to any case, time is of the essence. The time that you act can even spell how many months do you need to get out of your charges. It can be pretty embarrassing to ask help for something as basic as DUI but it has been done and the best thing that you can do now is to help yourself get it over with fast and easy with the help a lawyer who is knowledgeable on how the law works in town. Do you know the requirements to save your license? Did you know that you are know entitled to a public defender at the DMV hearing – do you know the difference between an In-Person and a telephone hearing and which one you should avoid? Do you know the Title 17 defenses? IF you answer the questions correctly then you may be able to represent yourself, but if you had to research any of those questions, then you should hire an attorney if you need to drive.

Ignoring the Situation or Doing It Yourself

Some people think that their DUI cases will resolve themselves if they just wait on it and ignore it. Some even think that they can manage it on their own and that their is no need at all to get the help that they truly need. Worse are those people who just plead guilty on their case just to get it over with without ever getting advice first – yes it may be in your best interest to just plead guilty, but most times it’s not – at least not without the right advice.

If you ignore it, you will probably end up with a warrant for your arrest and have a greater punishment once you are caught – even if your were innocent in the first place. If you do it yourself without advice, you maybe would have been able to save your license and did’t – or have avoid jail, but didn’t thinking it was no big deal…or maybe you didn’t realize what would happen to your job or your job prospects….or maybe you didn’t realize how to avoid the 9 month class and only do the 3 month on a first offense – you may not even know that two different classes for the same offense exist.