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What Does Bail Mean?

If you are arrested for a DUI, there is a good chance you have to post bail. As an example…If your bail is set at $10,000.00, you have to post $1,000.00 and post additional collateral to get out of jail. This means that you will pay 10% of the total bail to a bail bonds company and sign over the other 90% in collateral.

If you do not show up for court, your bail might be forfeited due to the “failure to appear”. This means that you will either go to jail, or pay the bail bonds company more money to reinstate your bond.

Sometimes, the bail is increased by the court or the prosecutor argues that your bail is too low your an Aptos or Capitola DUI Lawyer can attempt to fight this. This means that you need pay the additional amount instructed by the court to stay out of jail. Just because the bail is originally set at $10,000.00 does not mean that the court cannot raise your bail. Your attorney needs to argue bail motions and keep the bail set at a low amount.