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FAA Cracking Down on Pilots for DUI – Even when Not Flying

The FAA has strict regulations when it comes to a pilot’s license in the State of California. If someone is facing any type of DUI, they need to speak with a good DUI Attorney immediately. There are different types of pilots and many different types of certifications involved at each level. For example, whether the individual flies for a commercial company or privately owns a plane.

An Aptos or Capitola DUI Attorney will know what the person is facing, how to take a proactive approach with the FAA, and handle the case correctly from the beginning. Usually, if the attorney can get the case reduced to a “Wet and Reckless”, the repercussions regarding the FAA are minimized significantly.

In addition, the DMV case is very important. Getting the criminal DUI reduced to a “Wet and Reckless” and winning the DMV hearing will keep a DUI off your record. If you fly for a living, this would most likely save your career.