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Felony DUIs In California Can Cost You Your Job

Even if this is a first offense, the prosecutor can charge your case as a felony if someone other than yourself was injured in the process. This means that a 1stOffense Misdemeanor DUI can turn into a 1st Offense Felony DUI with Injuries.

Under case law, the injuries have to be “substantial” for the case to be considered a felony. Unfortunately, if you were involved in an accident and someone was injured, blood involved or a broken bone constitutes “substantial” injuries under current case law.

Whether your case is negotiated down to a Misdemeanor depends on the county, the judge, the prosecutor, and a good DUI Attorney. In this market, keeping a Felony off your record will save your current employment and future job opportunities.

If you are convicted of a Felony, the fees associated with Formal Probation are significantly more than Misdemeanor Informal Probation.

A good attorney can often save your job.