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Can You Get a DUI If You Have Marijuana and No Alcohol In Your System?

Yes, you can get convicted for a Driving While under the Influence of Marijuana. These cases are much harder for the prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt if you follow these simple instructions. They are:

1. Never admit to smoking and/or ingesting marijuana.

2. Do not submit to the voluntary road side tests, also known as the Field Sobriety Tests.

3. If you have a choice, do not submit to the Drug Recognition Evaluation. This is when the Drug Recognition Expert evaluates you. For example, the officer turns the lights on and off. The Drug Recognition Evaluation will never help you. My office has even seen where the officer put down that he thought there was methamphetamine involved. A retest of the blood showed no methamphetamine in his system.

4. If you refuse the Chemical Test, your license can become suspended for a period of one (1) year. Always choose the urine test over the blood test. The prosecution has more problems with the urine test than the blood test.

5. Never try to outsmart the officers. They have been trained to get “confessions” out of you. Go get a good DUI Lawyer if you are arrested..